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Harassed by Debt Collectors? – We Make THEM pay YOU!
~ Are Debt Collectors contacting  your friends and family members!
~ Are Debt Collectors calling you at work after you ask them to stop!
~ Are Debt Collectors being rude to you!
~ Are Debt Collectors threatening you!

If So, Contact our FDCPA Attorneys Today – We Make THEM pay YOU!

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The FDCPA is a Federal Law that regulates debt collectors. Under the FDCPA, Debt Collectors are not allowed to harass, abuse or mistreat you!  If you had the money to pay your debt back, you would have already paid it!  Unfortunately, Debt Collectors are more concerned with getting paid than they are obeying the law.  So, when they break the law don’t just sit there!  You need reputable, FDCPA attorneys to fight for your rights!

Cash if Harassed!

Congress passed the FDCPA to provide MONEY to CONSUMERS if Debt Collectors violate the FDCPA.  The best part, is if debt collectors abuse you, they pay for your FDCPA Attorneys fees!  That means that you can get FDCPA attorneys to represent you basically for free!  Furthermore, if the collection agencies violate the FDCPA, your FDCPA  attorneys can put up to $1,000 in your pocket in statutory damages plus unlimited actual damages!

No Attorneys Fees Unless we Win you Money!

As we said above, you will never pay us a dime.  The FDCPA requires the debt collector that breaks the law to pay your FDCPA Attorneys fees!  Additionally, frequently our FDCPA Attorneys are able to get the underlying debt 100% wiped out as part of the settlement.  If your FDCPA attorneys are able to do that, you will still pay your FDCPA Attorney Nothing.

If Debt Collectors break the rules we will make THEM pay YOU!
That’s why Debt Collectors Hate Us!

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