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What Debt Collectors Are Trying to Tell You.

When a Debt Collector Says….

Your inside guide to debt collector hogwash

We get calls daily from consumers that they were contacted by a private process server (really a debt collector) who is “looking to find them to serve a lawsuit”.  100% of the time, these “private process servers” are usually just scam debt collectors, trying to use threats and intimidation to convince honest Americans to pay their debts.  Once of the things that I always say is that honest debt collectors know that if you could pay your debt you would and most of them simply try to work as a conduit to help you facilitate payment. However, there are always bad apples out there, and these bad apples are the ones that give the ARM industry a bad name.  With that said, speaking of bad apples, there are also some bad apples inside collection agencies that could just as easily spew venom.  If debt collectors violate the FDCPA, fight back!

Debt Collectors sit in cubicles chained to their chair with a wired headset.  They are paid on commission based on how much money they collect in a given month.  They are not driving in their cars, “serving” lawsuits, investigating assets, etc.  If you are told by a debt collector that they are doing this, rest assured; they are lying.  How can someone whose job entails making 60+ phone calls a day spend time driving around in a car looking for ONE consumer?  If you are contacted by a debt collector that claims to be a private process server, mentions a “sealed” envelope, or says something else contrary to the fact that they are, without a doubt, tethered to their phone and glued to to their chair, you can simply assume they are lying.

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