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Sued by Debt Collector in Chicago?

Have you been sued by a Debt Collector in Chicago?

Debt Collection Fair Practices

We can Help – If you have been Sued by a Debt Collector in Chicago

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Have you been served with a lawsuit by a Debt Collector in Chicago?  If so, you probably have many questions!

  • Should I file a Response to the Lawsuit?
  • What Happens if I lose the Lawsuit by the Debt Collector in Chicago?
  • How can I afford an Attorney if I was sued by Debt Collector in Chicago?
  • Who Can I turn to for help?

Debt Collectors Hate us!  We have your Answers!  Call now 614-480-4224 for a no charge review of your lawsuit.  There are no gimmicks, there are no tricks.  Debt Collectors Hate Us, allow us the opportunity to show you why!

The truth of the matter, is you probably aren’t asking the right questions – which again – is why you need to call us.  You have Federal Rights when sued by a debt collector in Chicago.

If you have been sued by a debt collector in Chicago, time is of the essence to speak with a Chicago Debt Defense Lawyer.  The time to act is now – if you do not, the debt collector that sued you in Chicago will likely automatically win their case.  If you have been sued in Chicago by a debt collector, contact us.  If we can help you defend the lawsuit, we will.  and are experienced helping consumers that have been sued by a debt collector in Chicago.

We Help You go On The Offense

Sometimes when you are sued by a debt collector in Chicago, they violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  We are aware of your rights, and the common ways a Debt Collector in Chicago may violate the law.  If debt collectors violate the FDCPA, the law requires the debt collector that breaks the law to pay your FDCPA Attorneys’ fees!  As an added bonus, our Debt Collection Defense Attorneys are sometimes able to get the underlying debt 100% wiped out as part of the settlement.  Even if our Chicago FDCPA attorneys not able to get the lawsuit wiped out, you will still pay our Chicago Debt Defense Lawyer nothing for bringing and FDCPA case against a Debt Collector that sued you in Chicago!

If Debt Collectors in Chicago break the rules we will make THEM pay YOU!
That’s why Debt Collectors Hate Us!