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How to Stop Debt Collectors From Leaving Voicemails

Want to Stop Debt Collectors from leaving voicemails?

Debt collectors call at all times of the day, often over and over and over.  They are also notorious for leaving voicemails repeatedly.  Have any interest in getting those voicemails to stop and, if they don’t making up to $1,000?  Well, a recent consent order filed between NCO Financial Systems and the Federal Trade Commission brings about new rights for consumers!  Under the consent order the FTC, among other things, enjoins NCO Financial Systems (and arguably other debt collectors, too) from leaving voicemails when attempting to collect a debt.  If you want debt collectors to be, arguably, unable to ever leave you a voice mail again, here is what you do:

How to Stop Debt Collectors from Leaving Voicemails

1.  To stop debt collectors from leaving voicemails, first only state your first name in the voicemail message greeting.  In the Consent Order, NCO Financial Systems was enjoined from leaving messages, except in rare circumstances, if the greeting didn’t specifically state the First AND Last name of the debtor.  So, the first step in preventing debt collectors from leaving you voicemails is to remove your last name from your voicemail greeting.  If debt collectors leave you a message after you do this, there is a chance they have broken the law.  If so contact us and we can get you Cash if Harassed!

2.  Another way to stop debt collectors from leaving voicemails is to tell the debt collectors directly that you don’t want them to leave voicemails for you.  You can do this in two ways.

  1. Whenever you speak to a debt collector, if you don’t want them leaving you voicemails, simply tell them this.  If you want to stop debt collectors from leaving voicemails, then tell them “Just so you know, you are not allowed to leave me voicemails on this, or any other number”.  If debt collectors leave you a voicemail after being told, you likely have a case against debt collectors for violating the FDCPA.
  2. In addition to removing your last name from your voicemail greeting, use the following greeting “Hello, you have reached (insert your name).  If this is a call by a company that meets the definition of 15 USC 1692a6 do not leave a message.”  15 USC 1692a6 is the provision of the FDCPA that defines “Debt Collector” so by recording that message, you have expressly told the debt collectors not to leave you a message.  If this is your voicemail greeting and a debt collector leaves you a voicemail, contact us immediately.  We’d love to help you slap the debt collector for breaking the law.

Sometimes debt collectors leaving voicemails is a good thing, for example, if you didn’t know that a certain account was in collections.  As such, before you take the actions set forth above, really think if you want to stop the debt collectors from leaving voicemails.  If Debt Collectors are violating the FDCPA, Contact us Immediately.

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