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Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Victim of Debt Collector Harassment?  

If So, Get Paid!

Debt Collector Harassment is against the Law!

Debt Collector Harassment is against the law and if Debt Collectors are contacting you in violation of the FDCPA – you could be entitled to $1,000!  If you can afford to pay your bills you should! However, if you cannot afford to pay back what you owe, then you have rights against debt collector harassment.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if debt collectors harass you, you can sue them, have your attorney fees paid, and get Cash for being harassed!

Examples of Debt Collector Harassment

-Debt Collectors (non attorneys) threatening to sue you if you don’t pay.

-Debt Collectors calling your friends and family members.

-Debt Collectors being rude to you on the telephone

-Debt Collectors calling you at work after you tell them to stop.

-Debt Collectors disclosing the fact that you owe a debt to others

-Debt Collectors calling you before 8am or after 9pm according to your current time zone.

Why Debt Collector Harassment Occurs

Debt Collection Harassment occurs because the “system” rewards those who collect debts aggressively.  Since most debt collectors are hired by the creditor to collect a debt, they are paid only if they are successful.  These debt collectors know that if they scare consumers and unfortunately threaten consumers that consumers will be more likely to pay.  The good news is that if  Debt Collector Harassment occurs, you can sue them, at no cost, and make THEM pay YOU!

Stop Debt Collector Harassment!

To get your potential $1,000 in DAMAGES, contact us immediately to ENFORCE YOUR RIGHTS.  Stop debt collection harassment and, perhaps, be $1,000 richer!

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