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Stop Debt Collection Abuse

Stop Debt Collection Abuse!

Debt Collectors Love to Abuse Consumers!


Because that’s how Debt Collectors get paid!  Debt Collectors know that if they treat consumers fairly and if they obey the rules they will collect less money.  As a result, it is not uncommon to find debt collectors that abuse consumers.  As a result, Congress passed the FDCPA – a federal law that regulates debt collectors and provides money damages for collection agency abuse.

Not all Abuse!

Not all Collection Agencies and Debt Collectors abuse.  Some Debt Collection abuse happens because the owners of the collection agency train their collectors to break the law.  Some Debt Collection abuse happens because the debt collectors are so large that it is hard for them to monitor all of their employees behavior.  Furthermore, some debt collectors abuse because they are simply paid on commission and just want to make more money.  However, there are some compliant debt collectors out there that don’t abuse.  Expose the ones that victimize consumers by Fighting Back -Stop Debt Collection Abuse!

Been a recipient of Debt Collector Abuse?

You are not alone!

Just because you were a subject of Debt Collection Abuse doesn’t mean you have to take the abuse sitting down nor do you need to become a victim.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices act regulates debt collectors and makes Debt Collection Abuse illegal.  If you have been harassed, if debt collectors have treated you unfairly, if you have had enough of the harassment you have experienced, contact us today!  We would love to help you fight back!

Cash if Harassed!

Under the FDCPA, Debt Collectors cannot abuse consumers.  If they do, you are entitled to demand a settlement.  Most debt collectors that abuse settle the cases promptly and view the money they have to pay for abusing consumers simply a cost of doing business.  If a collection agency abused you, contact us.  Cash if Harassed!

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