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Debt Collector Fined, Ordered to pay 1.1Mil, Says InsideARM

Although Lifetime Debt Solutions wishes it was responsible for shutting down Rumson, Bolling & Associates, its pleased to announce that Rumson, Bolling & Associates and its Officers were ordered to pay 1.1 Million Dollars in fines.  Although we are happy that Rumson, et al will not be permitted to collect debts any longer, we’re a little disappointed that they didn’t get the chance to “Hate Us”.

You can find the full article here, Courtesy of InsideARM.

According to its website, “the mission of insideARM.com (ARM stands for Accounts Receivable Management – also known as “debt collection”) is to shift the public conversation about the ARM industry in order to help creditors and collection professionals reduce risk, lawsuits, and bad press; we’d like to change consumer perception that speaking with collectors should be avoided.

With over 75,000 subscribers our website and newsletters reach collection agencies and law firms, debt buyers, creditors, suppliers of technology and services to these groups, regulators, industry investors, and many other interested parties.

insideARM.com provides the most credible platform for service providers to reach potential clients, and is also uniquely qualified to help ARM businesses with their own websites, social media programs, and overall marketing strategies. More at www.insidearm.com/creativeservices/

What We Do & Why We Do It
So we mentioned above that our mission to shift the public conversation about the ARM industry.  Yep, it’s a tall order.  Watch this video – it explains a little more of what we mean.

Many see the collection industry as a group of bad guys, totally divorced from credit grantors who are owed money and the larger economy.  In turn some collectors stereotype consumers as “deadbeats” who shirk their financial responsibilities. But in reality, neither of these sentiments tells the whole story.
We bring the industry’s people and their stories to light, put its news and data in perspective, and inform our audience with smart, easy-to-digest content. We’re not here to be cheerleaders for debt collectors, though highlight positive stories and recognize good work when we see it; nor are we hesitant to call out the industry when we think it’s appropriate. We aim to bring together a variety of articulate yet divergent perspectives and spark important conversations about the ARM industry and where it is (or should be) headed.

Our core values are simple:

Be essential to our clients’ success. This means advising them truthfully, and providing value that advances their business.Keep coming up with new and engaging stuff. This means we lead with our ideas, content, design and technology.Always strive to pass “the cringe” test. This means that we would be proud to stand behind anything we choose to publish, we set reasonable expectations with clients, and we “sleep well” given our business decisions.Be accountable — to self, team, and client. 

Who We Are
We like to call ourselves a team of inelegant people who produce elegant solutions.  That doesn’t mean we don’t bathe or that our office is a disaster; we’re just a quirky, close-knit group with our own brand of humor, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  Most of us write as part of our jobs here, so that’s the best way to get a sense of who we are.   Click on the names if you are interested to read more.
Stephanie EidelmanPresident & PublisherMichael KlozotskyChief Content OfficerPatrick LunsfordSenior EditorJeff HearnWeb DeveloperMike BevelAssociate EditorEvan AlbrightContributing EditorJennifer SzumieszClient Marketing Specialist

Our Sister Company, Kaulkin Ginsberg
Headquartered in Rockville, MD with a satellite office in Philadelphia, PA, Kaulkin Ginsberg is the leading source of M&A, strategic advice, and timely information for outsourced business services companies since 1989. The firm has completed over 135 transactions representing nearly $3.5 billion in shareholder value for a variety of clients – from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
Kaulkin Ginsberg is more than just a sister company to insideARM, it gave us our start many years ago.  Producing a news-clipping service in the mid-1990′s and then launching CollectionIndustry.com (which is now insideARM.com) are just two of many “firsts” that Kaulkin Ginsberg provided to the industry over the years.”

Entire Contents of text above taken from www.insidearm.com

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