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Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC is Going National!

Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC is proud to announce it has joined forces with a National Consumer Law Firm and will begin representing clients nationwide that are victims of Debt Collection Harassment.  One of Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC’s Managing Members, Jeffrey Hyslip, is thrilled for the opportunity for seismic growth.  In 2007, Jeffrey started Fairdebthelpers / Fair Debt Helpers and used it as a mechanism for over five years to put cash in consumer’s pockets nationwide.  After resigning from Fair Debt Helpers, Jeffrey started Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC in August, 2012.  Although Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC has retained over a hundred clients since November, Jeffrey has always felt the drive to go “larger” when doing so was a calculated decision.  He and his business partners have watched other law firms implode when trying to become “too large too fast” so Jeffrey and his business partners have continuously put the brakes on risky expansion.  With that said, this strategic partnership is exactly what Jeffrey Hyslip and his business partners have been waiting for.  In deciding to partner with this national brand, Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC developed a revised business plan to allow for more rapid growth than originally intended.

Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC expects to hire a couple new attorneys and several new paralegals over the next 10 months.  Although Jeffrey is excited about the new client source, he is just as excited to train new attorneys.  Having helped managed law firms since a 1L, there are few things Jeffrey enjoys more than training new lawyers.  In addition to training new lawyers, Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC is currently building out a national network of consumer protection attorneys that would like to assist LDS’ national buildout.  For the past several months, Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC retained Revolution Attorney Network, a soup to nuts legal consulting company, to assist it with its Nationwide Buildout.  As a result, LDS is currently authorized to practice Federal Law in Ohio, Illinois, California, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oregon, Washington DC, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and has local counsel in every other state and territory in the United States.

Although Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC is currently able (thanks to its “Of Counsel” relationships) to represent clients Nationwide, it is always looking for local counsel and potential partners that want to get involved.  In addition to immediately having the opportunity to help consumers, these lawyers will have immediate exposure to Jeffrey Hyslip, one of the most recognized names in Consumer Protection.  If you would like to learn how you or your firm can get involved, please e-mail Jeffrey Hyslip at

Debt Collectors Hate Us!  We hope we can help them hate you too!


  1. Wesley says:

    Keep it up guys! Congrats on the great news. Hopefully you can help more people now.

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