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Jeffrey Hyslip – Philanthropist & Consumer Protection Attorney

Since entering law school, Jeffrey Hyslip has been a Debt Collector, a Foreclosure Attorney, a Collections Attorney, a Litigator,  an Entrepreneur,  a Named Partner in Law Firms that have made Headlines, a Consumer Advocate, a Plaintiffs’ attorney, the Managing Attorney of one of the Nation’s largest Consumer Protection Law Firms, referred to himself in the third person in blogs, and now Jeffrey Hyslip is back to doing what he does best – Representing Consumers Fight Back Against Debt Collectors That Violate Federal Law.

Although he’s nowhere near as intelligent as Confucius, we figure since he’s such an Experienced FDCPA Advocate we’ll start a “Jeffrey Hyslip Says” portion of this site.

Here Goes:

Jeffrey Hyslip Says – “I feel like I’m stepping back on the field after my opponents believed my jersey was retired”.

Jeffrey Hyslip Says- “Debt Collectors, I assume you know who I am.  If you don’t, you will soon find out.  What I’ve taken from you before will be pennies compared to what you are going to hand my clients in the future.  Some FDCPA violations happen as a result of rogue individuals versus rogue companies.  For the mostly compliant agencies with accidental bad hires, I’ll deal with you fairly one at a time.  For you Rogue Collection Agencies that violate the law as a cost of doing business, I look forward to turning your profitability analysis on its head.  As Antoine Dodson said, well, more like whined, “we gonna find you”.”

Jeffrey Hyslip Says –Defense Attorneys that I haven’t spoken to recently,  I look forward to personally catching up with you and promise to conduct myself with the same fairness you became accustomed to.

Jeffrey Hyslip Says –Future clients, I will defend your rights, if possible get you cash, and most definitely get the agencies that are breaking the law to stop.  Future clients, you found the right firm.  Our competition falls in two categories:  The first being those that I’ve trained and the second being those that are worried more about collecting their attorney fees than representing your rights.  You can either hire me (the attorney that trained the others), hire the law firm that only cares about how much money they make on a case, or hire one of the other firms that quite possibly employ attorneys or legal assistants I’ve trained along the way… To me, that’s a pretty easy decision.

Jeffrey Hyslip Says – Although my number one goal is to get my clients money as soon as possible, I won’t stop at anything necessary to make sure their recovery is adequate, that my fees are fair, and that Lifetime Debt Solutions provides a holistic solution to the client’s financial situation.

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