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Jeffrey Hyslip – Most Active Consumer Attorney Nationwide

Jeffrey Hyslip Receive Accolades

For two Months in a row, Jeffrey Hyslip, Managing Member of Hyslip legal, LLC, was named the “Most Active” Consumer Attorneys in the Nation for the month of October by WebRecon, LLC.  Tied for the top spot on the list, Jeffrey Hyslip was cited as litigating almost twice the amount of any other attorney nationwide.  Moreover, the list only takes into account the number of “filed cases” and ignores the thousands of other cases Hyslip resolves pre-suit and/or through litigation handled by its other litigators.  Jeffrey Hyslip has settled thousands of cases pre-suit.

Established in 2012, Hyslip legal, LLC, established by Jeffrey Hyslip, has grown from a three lawyer law firm to one that now consists of over thirty Attorneys, Nationwide.  Specializing in Debt Collector Harassment and Abusive Telemarketing matters, Hyslip Legal, LLC has resolved more than a thousand matters since we opened our doors.  As we continue to keep the Debt Collection and Telemarketing industry on its heels, in both relatively small individual matters and in Multi-Million Dollar Class Actions, we have continued to stand firm on our Mission Statement’s premise that our clients will NEVER become a number.

Jeffrey Hyslip would like to thank our clients for their positive reviews and overwhelming referrals, Hyslip Legal, LLC’s dedicated attorneys and Hyslip Legal, LLC’s unparalleled employees for everything they have done to create and sustain our firm.

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