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Jeffrey Hyslip, who is Hyslip Legal, LLC’ Managing Member received another stellar review from a client on www.avvo.com.  While Jeffrey Hyslip is prohibited from commenting on any specifics on the facts of the case and Jeffrey Hyslip is required to notify readers that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes, Jeffrey Hyslip is always touched when a client takes the time to review him.

Very Happy with Jeffrey Hyslip’s Counsel

Posted by Matthew N.
Overall rating  Excellent Trustworthy  Excellent Responsive  Excellent Knowledgeable  Excellent Kept me informed  Excellent

I recommend Jeffrey.  I used Jeffrey 1-6 months ago.  Jeffrey handled my Ethics / Professional Responsibility matter.  I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.  I came into our lawyer/client relationship with a natural distrust for lawyers in general. I am proud to say that Jeffrey Hyslip changed my outlook on the law profession as a whole. He was trustworthy, upfront with me about everything, had great communication and at the end of the day just wanted me to be comfortable with the process. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Hyslip to anybody looking for counsel.

Otherwise, feel free to read it directly, here: Jeffrey Hyslip Praised Again for Suing Debt Collectors and Enforcing the FDCPA

Jeffrey is a consumer protection attorney that focuses his practice on suing debt collectors that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  The FDCPA requires that debt collectors behave in certain ways while collecting debts.  Jeffrey Hyslip has been focusing his practice on consumer protection law since 2007.  Among his other accomplishments, Jeffrey was responsible for creating Fairdebthelpers.com, one of the largest consumer protection departments in the country.  Jeffrey is excited to use Lifetime Debt Solutions to exceed anything he’s created previously.

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