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Sharina Romano Receives Accolades

Sharina Romano, Esq. Named One of Most Active Consumer Lawyers of the Year

Hyslip & Taylor, LLC is pleased to announce that Sharina Romano was named one of the Most Active Consumer Lawyer of the Year by Webrecon, LLC.  Sharina Romano joined Hyslip & Taylor, LLC, as Of Counsel, in the Summer of 2015 and has brought a unique perspective to the firm.

Since partnering with Hyslip & Taylor, LLC, Sharina Romano has been responsible for recovering over $250,000 in claims against Collection Agencies and Debt Collectors on behalf of the firm’s clients.  Furthermore, Sharina Romano is currently engaged in litigation throughout the United States which the firm anticipates will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional damages for Consumers.

While Sharina Romano is a former collection agency defense attorney, Sharina has quickly made a name for herself for her zealous representation of consumers.  Join us in welcoming, and congratulating, Sharina Romano for this successful declaration.

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