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Hyslip & Taylor stands against Target Co.

Last week, Hyslip & Taylor filed a class action against Target Co. for it allowing hackers to get malware onto Target’s computer systems and copy/steal Target’s customers personal financial information.   On December 19, 2013, Target issued a statement to its customers confirming that approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been stollen between November 27th and December 15th, 2013.

Almost immediately when news broke, we were contacted by a consumer who feared her credit card information had been compromised.  Hyslip & Taylor litigators Michael Bane and Mark Lavery worked tirelessly to gather the necessary facts and filed a Class Action Complaint in Federal Court against Target Corp on behalf of its client Veronica Ponce and all consumers nationwide who were affected by Target’s self-admitted compromise.  The lawsuit, styled Veronica Ponce v. Target Corporation seeks up to $800 Million in damages against Target Corp. for its breach of implied conduct against its consumers, Nationwide.  The lawsuit, that was filed in Federal Court, was the first lawsuit nationwide against Target for this security breach.

Our Lawsuit against Target has been covered in international media as well as by Chicago’s Local News, WGN TV.  At the request of WGN TV, Mark Lavery, Senior Litigator for Hyslip & Taylor issued the following statement:

“With the onslaught of current and advancing payment technology available to retailers in consumer commerce, we hope this law suit, which was the first class action case on file nationwide, will put large retailers on heightened notice that leniency will not be tolerated when they choose profit over protecting their loyal customers’ information.  Retailers need to be paying more attention to their customers’ confidential credit information than they are on profit margins.  Through this class action, the Law Offices of Hyslip & Taylor will work to ensure that Target bears all of the costs incurred by consumers that had their private financial information compromised during this Holiday shopping season.”

Hyslip & Taylor will continue to research the extent of the damage caused by the security Breach and will continue to update its clients and colleagues.  Consumers that believe they might be affected are encouraged to visit to pull their free annual credit report as provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Additionally, Hylsip & Taylor remains committed to protecting consumers nationwide and has opened up its call center to answer questions from Target Customers about the security tragedy.

-Jeffrey Hyslip


  1. Danielle Bell says:

    Happy you all are standing up for the consumer regarding this matter. We put so much trust in corporations when we make transactions, it’s ashame they were extremely lax with protecting us.

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