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Hyslip Legal LLC Celebrates Two Years


Hyslip Legal, LLC Celebrates 2 Years

Hyslip Legal, LLC is pleased to celebrate its second year of business.  The firm has undergone extensive growth over the last two years; starting from a two attorney, three member firm to now employing more than 25 people, including more than twelve lawyers.  While we don’t have the ability to be “trendy” by saying we started out of a garage, the firm did in fact start in Managing Partner Jeffrey Hyslip’s second bedroom.  Over the past two years, Hyslip Legal, LLC has spoken to over 30,000 consumers, and has settled thousands of cases for consumers across the nation.  Additionally, Hyslip Legal, LLC has filed numerous Class Actions, has been featured on MSN and YAHOO! and, most importantly, has been on the forefront of expanding the application of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s protections to consumers.  When we opened Hyslip Legal, LLC, we set out to create a unique law firm where creativity and community was the foundation. Over two years ago, our Mission Statement, promulgated that Hyslip Legal, LLC was:

…”determined to assist consumers fight back against collection agency harassment.  As we continue to grow we will never lose sight of our Mission.  We believe that people are the most important asset of our business and that if we make them our #1 priority, success will follow.  Our measure of success is strictly dependent upon our legal diligence, aptitude, empathy, and client centered philosophy.  If we remain true to ourselves, profit will come organically.  In the meantime, we’re going to have fun making Debt Collectors Hate Us!”

Hyslip Legal, LLC is pleased to announce that as we continue to grow we have not lost sight of why we opened our doors.  Our expansive loft space provides the environment necessary to balance collegiality and creativity among our team members.  Our unparalleled Management Team enables us to collaborate openly, make changes on a dime, and do whatever it takes to ensure we are doing everything possible, at all times, to put cash in our clients pockets while making Debt Collectors Hate Us.  Although we take our work very seriously, it is safe to say the last two years have been nothing but a blast.  Thank you to our current and former clients, thank you to our vendors, and thank you to the wonderful people that have helped bring Hyslip Legal, LLC from an idea to a force to be reckoned with.  Without all of you, none of this would have been possible.  With that, here is to the future; we can’t imagine what joy and emotional reward is on the Horizon.  We are humbled by your support.

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