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Harassed by Debt Collectors? – We Make THEM pay YOU!
~ Are Collection Agencies contacting  your friends and family members?
~ Are Collection Agencies calling you at work after you ask them to stop?
~ Are Collection Agencies being rude to you?
~ Are Collection Agencies Threatening you?

If So, Contact our FDCPA Attorneys Today – We Make THEM pay YOU!


The FDCPA (Short for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) is a Federal Law that regulates third party debt collectors and collection agencies.  A third party debt collector is a debt collector other than one that works inside the company you borrowed money from.  So, if you borrowed money from ABC Bank and ABC’s collectors are calling you, they are not subject to the FDCPA.  If ABC Bank sent your account to ZZZ Collection, Inc. ZZZ Collection Inc’s employees are subject to the statute!  If ZZZ Collection’s employees violate the FDCPA, you will want to hire a FDCPA Attorney to enforce your rights.  Our FDCPA Attorneys are experienced attorneys and you will never pay us a FEE; not a DIME!  Our  FDCPA attorney fees are paid for by the companies that break the FDCPA.


Under the FDCPA, Debt Collectors are not allowed to harass, abuse or mistreat you!  We know that if you had the money to pay your debt back, you would have already paid it!  Unfortunately, Debt Collectors are more concerned with getting paid than they are obeying the law.  So, when they break the law don’t just sit there!  You need an experienced FDCPA attorney to fight for your rights!  If Debt Collectors are breaking the law, you’ve found the right law firm!  Debt Collectors Hate Us!

Cash if Harassed!


Congress passed the FDCPA to provide MONEY to CONSUMERS if Debt Collectors violate the FDCPA.  The best part, is if debt collectors have broken the law, Congress requires THEM to pay for your FDCPA Attorney fees!  That means that you can get an FDCPA attorney to help you basically for free!  Furthermore, if the collection agencies violate the FDCPA, your FDCPA  attorneys can put up to $1,000 in your pocket in statutory damages plus unlimited actual damages!  That’s why our Slogan is Experienced Attorneys – NO FEES!

No Attorneys Fees Unless YOU Recover Cash!

As we already explained, you will never pay us a dime.  The FDCPA requires the debt collector that breaks the law to pay your FDCPA Attorneys fees!  As an added bonus, our FDCPA Attorneys are sometimes able to get the underlying debt 100% wiped out as part of the settlement.  Even if our FDCPA attorneys are able to get the debt wiped out, you will still pay your FDCPA Attorney nothing!

If Debt Collectors break the rules we will make THEM pay YOU!
That’s why Debt Collectors Hate Us!

~ Is Allied Interstate disclosing your debt to your friends and family members?  If so, contact an FDCPA Attorney because Allied Interstate is breaking the law.  Allied Interstate, or any collection agency, is not permitted under the FDPCA to disclose the fact that you owe a debt to a third person.  If Debt Collectors are doing that, contact an FDCPA Attorney today!

~ Is NCO Financial Systems, Inc. calling you at work after you asked them to stop?  If so, you need to hire an FDCPA Attorney today!  NCO Financial Systems, Inc. has been accused of calling consumers at work continually in violation of theo FDCPA! Don’t just stand there, fight back!

~ Are Third Party Collection Agencies being rude to you?  Although the FDCPA doesn’t necessarily say that it is a violation for a collection agency to be rude, depending on the severity your FDCPA Attorney could successfully argue that they broke the law. Has a collection agency called you names, treated you with disrespect, or made you feel less than whole?  Fight Back – Experienced Attorneys NO FEE!

Choosing an FDCPA Attorney

When Hyslip Legal, LLC’s Managing Member Jeffrey Hyslip started fighting debt collectors there were only a few law firms that provided FDCPA Attorneys to consumers.  Now, FDCPA Attorneys have popped up across the country oftentimes confusing consumers as to which attorney they should use.  Our opinion is that there are FOUR main considerations you should keep in mind when selecting an FDCPA Attorney.


1.  Find an attorney that focuses their practice on the FDCPA!  Attorneys frequently specialize or focus on one particular area of law. Find an attorney that you trust, that focuses their practice on the FDCPA and that has the experience not to use your case as a “Test Case”.  The FDCPA is a complicated statute and you are going to want an FDCPA Attorney that devotes a large percentage of their time doing FDCPA Work.


2.  Find a FDCPA attorney that handles the cases on a contingency fee.  If you have a good case, the FDCPA attorney should be willing to take your case without any upfront money. After all, the statute itself requires any debt collector that violates the FDCPA to pay your attorney fees. If the attorney believes you will win, why would he want to be paid up front?


3.  Find a FDCPA attorney that Truly Cares about YOUR financial situation.  Unfortunately, there are some FDCPA attorneys that will take a case and bill the heck out of it. After all, their attorney fees are paid by the debt collector. Some consumer advocates have been accused of taking a case worth $1,000 to you and turning it into a case worth $1,000 to you and $10,000 to them (from billing $10,000 in fees).  Find an attorney that will consider settling the case quickly with opposing counsel if that is in your best interest.  Remember, statutory damages are capped at $1,000.


4.  Find a FDCPA attorney that is associated or knows a bankruptcy lawyer.  Although not all consumers that have had their FDCPA rights violated need a bankruptcy lawyer, a lot of them do.  If not done properly, the FDCPA could be used as a band-aid to temporarily fix the true situation at hand. Although I understand that Bankruptcy is a frightening word, you should at least want to have the ability to speak to your FDCPA attorney about a long term solution to your financial situation.