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Q: My husband and I filed bankruptcy about 6 years ago. My husband works at a job where his credit has to be good. They are doing his five year check. I decided to look at his credit reports. There is one collection agency that has him negative and it should of never got that far. This is actually the second collection agency from the company. Also a couple of other major companies as well. We do have an attorney and he said we for sure have some cases. I just never asked him how much he thinks we may be getting? He just said he’s hoping we get it by Christmas.

A: Make sure the attorney has experience with Fair Credit Reporting Act claims. They are sometimes complicated and unless disputes are made properly under the statute one could forfeit their claims.You may have a cause of action if you took the steps to remove incorrect information & it was not removed as a result of misconduct by the credit bureau or the lender. But since you haven’t said what, if anything, you did to remove the misinformation, I can only surmise that you did nothing.  Best of Luck!

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