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From Fair Debt Helpers to Lifetime Debt Solutions

Fair Debt Helpers is a consumer law firm that focuses on suing debt collectors.  Jeffrey Hyslip, one of the founders of Fair Debt Helpers, been quoted all over the internet, mostly as a result of his involvement with Fair Debt Helpers.  Fair Debt Helpers is currently one of the largest consumer protection departments/law firms in the country.  Jeffrey started Fair Debt Helpers in 2007 after moving from Columbus, Ohio.  When he first moved to Chicago to start Fair Debt Helpers he created it from the ground up.  From the website content for www.fairdebthelpers.com, selecting the pictures chosen on the website, as well as creating all of the procedures, processes, and department workflows, and templates, Jeffrey Hyslip did everything possible to make sure Fair Debt Helpers and fairdebthelpers.com became the prominent FDCPA law firm/consumer protection department in the country.  While he’s proud of his accomplishments, Jeffrey Hyslip is constantly looking for a challenge.  What’s a bigger challenge than going head to head against the department HE created!  As such, in late 2012 he opened Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC  to directly compete with the former machine he created at Fair Debt Helpers.

He took what he built at Fair Debt Helpers to a another level and Lifetime Debt Solutions is growing like crazy.  Now representing over 100 consumers, Lifetime Debt Solutions is taking a shape of its own.  Although he wishes nothing but continued success for Fair Debt Helpers, he is excited to build another practice from the ground up.  Most of this excitement stems from that fact that now through Fair Debt Helpers and, more importantly through Lifetime Debt Solutions and Lifetimedebtsolutions.com, more debt collectors will be required to pay consumers for their abusive behavior. Hyslip leaving Fair Debt Helpers has done nothing but make debt collectors duly afraid; afraid of the company he built and terrified of the company he’s building.  Most importantly consumers now have the opportunity to choose between two reputable law firms when seeking rights under the FDCPA  

He cautions consumers from hiring any company just because their website is pretty, they issue constant press releases about themselves and that they have the money to spend to look “bigger” than their competition.  Since Jeffrey started Fair Debt Helpers in 2007, dozens of other “Consumer Protection” attorneys have hung a shingle and are claiming to be experts.  While Jeffrey won’t speak poorly of the “other firms”, he can say that if you hire Fair Debt Helpers or Lifetime Debt Solutions he believes you will be in equally in good hands. While he would obviously prefer that he be THE attorney that helps you, he just wants to make sure that you do SOMETHING to enforce your Fair Debt rights and stay clear of those consumer attorneys that only look out for their own interests.

Read about Jeffrey Hyslip’s accomplishments at Fair Debt Helpers www.fairdebthelpers.com here!

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