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Fair Debt Helpers (Jeffrey Hyslip’s former firm) publishes blog about CFPB.

Jeffrey Hyslip’s former law firm, Fair debt helpers, aka fairdebthelpers, aka fairdebthelpers.com wrote an interesting blog about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Fairdebthelpers was started by Legal Helpers and Jeffrey Hyslip in 2007.  Between 2007 and 2012, fair debt helpers helped thousands of consumers fight back against debt collector harassment.  Between 2007 and 2012, Fair Debt Helpers, under Jeffrey’s watchful eye, helped recover millions of dollars for consumers nationwide.

In September, 2012, Jeffrey Hyslip resigned from Fair Debt Helpers to Start Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC aka Hyslip & Taylor, LLC, LPA.  Lifetime Debt Solutions has two websites – www.lifetimedebtsolutions.com and www.debtcollectorshateus.com.  In the same way that Jeffrey Hyslip helped create Fair Debt Helpers, Lifetime Debt Solutions, LLC dba Hyslip & Taylor, LLC LPA is expanding rapidly state by state.  Currently, the law firm can represent consumers that are being harassed by debt collectors in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, as well as in other states.

Fair Debt Helpers‘ newest blog entry titled, “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Guidelines for FDCPA Compliance” states,

Back in 2011 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued an all-embracing manual specifying the procedures it uses to oversee that the Debt Collectors are obeying the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA was ordained to protect consumers against abusive and harassing behavior of Debt Collectors who are trying to collect debts.  The FDCPA prohibits Debt Collectors from certain behaviors, but it also requires that Debt Collectors do certain things; such as clearly identify themselves when contacting a debtor.

Rendering to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations, if a person is considered to be a debt collector, then the CFPB will evaluate the following when verifying whether that Debt Collector has violated the FDCPA:
Debt Collector failed to disclose identity to the debtorDebt Collector uses profane, racist, threatening or otherwise abusive languageDebt Collector attempts to charge debtor for communications, such as collect callsDebt Collector tries to get in contact with debtor during inconvenient times; illegal times to call are defined as the hours between 9pm and 8amDebt Collector poses as an attorney or law enforcement personalDebt Collector publishes  the name or other personal information associated with the debtor on a “bad debt list”If you as a consumer feel that you have been misled, abused, threatened or otherwise wronged by Debt Collectors are encouraged to file a complaint.  Regulators take these acts of crime seriously.  If investigated claims have been violated under FDCPA violators will be held responsible for their illegal behavior….”

As we wrote earlier, “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was founded as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The Bureau became operational in July of 2011 and was originally set up by Elizabeth Warren who was eventually replaced by Richard Cordray, former Attorney General of Ohio.  The jurisdiction of the Bureau includes securities firms, payday lenders, mortgage servicers, debt collectors, and other financial corporations.” http://debtcollectorshateus.com/jeffrey-hyslip-ftc/.

Jeffrey Hyslip still thinks very fondly of Fair Debt Helpers and welcomes you to contact them if you are being harassment by Collection Agencies.  With that said, if you would prefer that Jeffrey represent you, feel free to fill out a survey HERE or HERE and he is more than willing to assist you as needed.

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