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Debt Collectors Impound Wrong Car! Owner Confused.

Debt Collectors in the UK towed away the wrong consumer’s car after getting his license place mixed up with the consumer that had a judgment against them.    The car was parked on private land yet the debt collector still repo’d the car.  I’m not sure about the laws covering Debt Collectors overseas since I only practice under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, however, I know in Ohio, where I am licensed, Debt collectors with valid judgments are free to reposes automobiles as long as the debt collector / repossession company do not breach the peace while doing so.

I found the article interesting.  Imagine going outside and your car being taken.  Imagine as well that you don’t owe any debts.  Then imagine finding out that rather than the car being stolen it was actually taken on purpose yet by mistake.  Although I would be upset, at least I knew I could get my car back.  If I had more free time I’d look into the laws overseas and see if this particular consumer had any rights under their law to fight back.

You can read the full article, Here:  Debt Collectors Impound Wrong Car!

Although we’re sad to admit it, since this debt collector is overseas, here is one debt collector that does NOT hate us.

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