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Debt Collectors are Bullies!

When I tell people what I do for a living, specifically, that I go after debt collectors that abuse consumers their reaction is usually similar.  It usually involves some variable of “oh that’s nice” or “yea, it would get annoying to get calls” or some other politically correct, soft response. Trust me, nothing we do here is simply to be nice or simply to end an annoyance.  Debt Collectors are bullies and debt collection abuse has SERIOUS consequences.  However, until people are faced with debt collection harassment themselves, or get to stare it in the face like we do, its understandable why they don’t fully comprehend the seriousness of what we do.  Debt collection harassment is more than simply an inconvenience, it is a form a systematic, adult bullying.  Debt Collectors are Bullies.  Its not much different than bullying on the playground.

I remember getting bullied as a child.  The boys that used to toss me around the playground were usually from abusive homes, had absent fathers, or had mothers that spent more time at the pub than helping them with their homework (like a lot of the debt collectors I know).  Since their parents weren’t around to tell them they didn’t suck, they took it upon themselves to, seemingly, show they didn’t suck to others, usually through aggressive behavior (or perhaps their parents weren’t around because they did suck).  As a side note, I was told that one of my childhood bullies as an adult ended up paralyzed in a wheelchair after getting in a car accident drunk driving and later purposefully wheeled his crippled self into a swimming pool.  It didn’t surprise me; bullies are cowards.  Much like debt collectors.

As a child, I remember my teachers looking at me in the eye trying to empathize what if felt like to get picked on without even a clue how it felt.  When you are at school and you are getting bullied, there is no where to go.  You map out your next move based on the lowest likelihood of getting shoved into a wall or tripped.  It is these same eyes (my ignorant teachers) my friends/acquaintances use to look into mine when I describe them what I do for a living; protect adults from “words that will never hurt them”.  Although it is certain, I will never get picked on again a part of me remembers what it feels like to be afraid.  In fact, in retrospect, I believe that is probably one of the main reasons why I do what I do now.  Debt collection harassment isn’t a mere inconvenience, or simply mildly uncomfortable; its no different than childhood bullying and the feelings associated with it are the same.  To understand exactly what it is, you have to take a step back.  We know from reading the news that bullying has led to multiple suicides from teens.  In the same vein, studies have shown the serious long lasting effects of debt collection bullying.  In particular, Congress found when it drafted the FDCPA that:

Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of
-personal bankruptcies,
-to marital instability,
-to the loss of jobs,
-and to invasions of individual privacy. (15 USC 1692)

I, personally, don’t know what is more deserving of protecting than the things on that list; privacy, personal financial stability, the institution of  marriage and job security.  So, while I might not take the time to describe to all of my friends that what I do isn’t “cute”, know that we here don’t take your collection harassment lightly.  We know what it is like to be picked on.  We know what it is like to have bottom feeding scum make you afraid of unknown consequences.  And, as such, we will use our ability to MAKE THEM PAY.  Debt Collectors Hate us.  If Debt Collectors have bullied you, stand up for yourself.  And for those debt collectors that have and continue to bully my clients, if you’re not careful, you just might end up the victim of a freak wheelchair/swimming pool accident.

Stand up against debt collector bullies!

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  1. jan kay says:

    Wow! Well it is about time that people who are victims of these agencies have rights as citizens.These harassing companies destroy the quality of everyday life with their bullying tactics and deserve consequences for their illegal activites

  2. Robert says:

    Need help !!!!

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