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Stop Debt Collection Harassment!

 Debt Collection Harassment Is Illegal!

We can make this guy pay YOU!

~Debt Collectors contacting  your friends and family members!
~Debt Collectors calling you at work after you ask them to stop!
~Debt Collectors being rude to you!
~Debt Collectors calling you on your cellular phone without permission!
~Debt Collectors threatening you!
~Debt Collectors raising their voice with you!
If so, CONTACT US!  

Debt Collectors only care about one thing –  Getting Paid!  Debt Collectors are hired by the company you owe money to and often use intimidation, fear and panic to try and coerce you into paying.  When their methods turn to debt collection harassment, you need to hire an attorney – We can Help!.

You Have Rights against Debt Collection Harassment!

Since Debt Collectors sole job is to make you pay money, they will oftentimes use almost any tactic imaginable to do so including Debt Collection Harassment.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collection harassment is against the law and debt collectors have to treat you fairly, cannot call you over and over, cannot disclose your debt to others and, generally speaking, cannot threaten legal action against you.

When they do, that’s Debt Collection Harassment!

Luckily, you have rights against debt collection harassment.  Congress passed a law that forces debt collectors to pay you if they harass you.  If debt collectors step over the line (which they often do) you are entitled to up to $1,000 in statutory damages and unlimited $ in actual damages.  Furthermore, the law forces the debt collectors to pay our fees!

If you have experienced Debt Collection Harassment, Get Help Now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Being a defendant in a class action suit in itself is a very big threat and can bring harm to one’s assets.

    Please note that when a consumer debt collector receives a cease and
    desist letter they may move the account to legal status.

    But areas that even the most aggressive collectors usually can’t
    touch include Social Security benefits, public assistance benefits such
    as food stamps or cash aid and unemployment benefits.

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