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Debt Collection Fair Practices

Debt Collection Fair Practices


Harassed by Debt Collectors? – We Make THEM pay YOU!
~ Are Debt Collectors contacting  your friends and family members!
~ Are Debt Collectors calling you at work after you ask them to stop!
~ Are Debt Collectors being rude to you!
~ Are Debt Collectors threatening you!

If So, Contact our Debt Collection Fair Practices Attorneys Today – We Make Debt Collectors pay YOU!

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 Learn more about FDPCA Violations! – Get Cash if Harassed!!

The FDCPA is a Federal Law that regulates debt collection fair practices when debt collectors are collecting debts.  While everyone that can afford to pay their debt back should, Congress realized that sometimes bad situations happen to good people to make that difficult. As such, they passed a law that requires debt collection fair practices.  If debt collectors or bill collectors violate the FDCPA, consumers need to take action immediately!

The reason that consumers should learn about debt collection fair practices  is that if debt collectors violate the law the debt collector is required to pay the consumer up to $1,000. To require debt collection fair practices, Congress fines debt collectors and bill collectors each time an attorney can show a debt collector violated the law.   To spot a violations, its important for consumers to first know what the most common violations of the FDCPA are and then be on the look out for debt collectors who commit those FDCPA Violations.

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violations #1

Calling your place of employment after the debt collector knows the your employer prohibits calls or if you ask the debt collector not to call you at work anymore.  If debt collectors call you at work after you tell them not to, fill out the form on the right and potentially get Cash if Harassed!

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violations #2

Threatening you that not paying the debt will result in imprisonment, garnishment, and/or liens if debt collector is not an attorney.  If debt collectors are threatening you with legal sounding jargon, contact us immediately!

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violations #3

Calling your neighbors, friends, co-workers or family members (any third parties, really) when the  collector  knows how to contact you.  In fact, debt collectors are only allowed to contact third parties to confirm or to correct your location information!  If they know how to contact you, there is no reason for them to need to “confirm” how to contact you nor is there any reason to “correct it”.  If debt collectors are calling your friends and family members, contact us!  We have gotten cash for consumers that have had their friends and family members bothered by debt collectors!

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violations #4

Disclosing to friends, family members, etc. that you owe a debt is a Debt Collection Fair Practices Violation.  If debt collectors are disclosing your personal information to others take a stand!  Say “give me cash cause I was harassed!” and contact us now!

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violations #5

It is a violation of the FDCPA for debt collectors to Harass, oppress, insult or verbally abuse you.  Debt Collectors are not allowed to abuse consumers!  If you think debt collectors have crossed the line, contact us today.

Debt Collection Fair Practices Violation?!

Get Cash if Harassed!

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