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CRF Acquisitions Continues to Harass Consumers

Don’t Pay CRF Acquisitions a DIME

Unless you are CERTAIN you owe them money.

I’ve written extensively about my dealings with CRF Acquisitions (google CRF ACQUISITIONS and you’ll see my handiwork).  It seems they are still up to their tactics of abusing consumers (I received another email from a Ohio Consumer today), committing felonies and trying to get paid from innocent consumers.  CRF Acquisitions is a SCAM debt collector similar to what the Federal Trade Commission recently warned consumers about last weekend.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE.  If you are getting contacted by CRF Acquisitions, do not pay them a dime until (and its unlikely you will be) you are convinced that CRF Acquisitions has the authority to collect the debt.  Keep these things in mind:


-CRF Acquisitions is a scam debt collector that won’t dare step into court and sue you.  If they do, contact us and we will file a CounterClaim to their collection lawsuit and make THEM pay YOU (if they broke the law).


-These days its pretty easy to Cyber Bully people.  Stay Strong and don’t pay CRF Acquisitions a dime.  They may tell you that they will leave you alone if you pay them.. do not believe them.  If you pay them a penny they will know that if they step up their harassment you will pay them even more.  Sooner or later they will realize that their harassment of you isn’t doing any good and move on to the next consumer they hope is weaker than you.


-If CRF Acquisitions is harassing you, please take 15 minutes to help shut them down.  Contact the New York Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint.  Tell them exactly what CRF Acquisitions is doing to you and ask for help.   Sooner or later CRF Acquisitions will be shut down – the sooner you help take action the sooner the Federal and State government will raid their offices.

4.  Contact Us!

-Fill out a “Free Case Review” and let us know what is going on.  If we use your story we will redact your name and personal information.  We are currently working with the New York Department of State to bring the owners to justice.


  1. jennifer says:

    I got a phone call from a company called enterprise acquisition in New York !! Saying that my husband owed a company easy money loan service I said what he has never taken out a loan any where he said that the bank was out of tx where the money was deposit I told him your crazy send me some thing that show his information he said we can’t because we are going to take him to court I told them go for it !! So I have called our court clerk’s and nothing did a credit report nothing Mr Walsh at the company called enterprise acquisition said he owed a total of $3500.00 with all the fee I want proof!! And also he saying this happend in October,2010 hello get real why did that place not send us paper ??? It’s a scam so today I get a phone call same company saying he needs to be home so we can serve him and make sure he has his driver’s license and I will be there at 4:00 hello here in Utah a prosser don’t call you ?? But if you call the # back she called from its goes to Mr Walsh?? What do we do they have my husband ssn # and address and date of birth that scary !! I have put a fraud report on his credit report!! Someone please answer us back and tell us what to do ?? I also have called bbb no help

    • Jeffrey Hyslip says:


      If you haven’t already, please call our office at 312-380-6110. We’d be happy to speak with you at no charge. It sounds to me like you are dealing with a scam debt collector (as you referenced). You can learn more about scam debt collectors here. I would file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We’d be happy to assist you any way possible.



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