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Cook County Debt Defense Lawyers


We all have debt.  Debt is necessary.  We all intend to pay our debts, but sometimes life happens; illness, divorce, layoffs, etc.  The banks are quick to to give you loans because they lick their lips on collecting interest on the debt you incur.  But what happens when you are unable to pay the debt back?  First, you will likely receive collection calls from inside the financial institution where you borrowed the money.  They will act like they are your friends, and they want to work with you; oftentimes they are not.  If you are uncertain if you owe the debt, tell the company that you dispute the debt.  If they ask you questions, they are not trying to get to know you better, in fact, they are trying to obtain information to later use against you.  If the company’s in house collectors are unable to convince you to pay (I imagine if you had the ability to pay you already would have) the debt will likely be passed to a collection agency.  Here, the collection agency will start to call you.  You have Federal Rights against being harassed by these debt collectors; we know your rights and that is why Debt Collectors Hate us.  Our Cook County Debt Defense Lawyers are here to help you!

If you have been sued in Cook County by a bank or by a collection law firm, time is of the essence to hire a Cook County Debt Defense Lawyer.  Do not bury your head in the sand – if you do so, the debt collector or collection law firm will likely automatically win.  If you have been sued in Cook County by a debt collector, contact us.  We focus on defending the lawsuit, and are experienced Cook County Debt Defense Lawyers  We can help you; Debt Collectors Hate Us.  There are several ways that we can work with you to help you defend the law suit.  

Chain of Title

Oftentimes Debt Collection law firms file lawsuits against consumers in Cook County without properly being able to prove they “own” the debt.  In legal terms, this is considered “standing”.  If you were sued, for example, by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC or Midland Credit Management, LLC, these companies purchased your debt from someone else and, there is the possibility that they cannot legally prove that you owe the debt. Debt Collectors hate us because we can show up and defend you (oftentimes without you needing to be present) and stand up against the Debt Collector that sued you in Cook County.  Even if you incurred the debt, there are oftentimes legal defenses available to you that would prevent you from having to pay the debt back.  We are aware of these Defenses, and because of that, Debt Collectors Hate Us.  Debt Collectors Hate Us because we are Cook County Debt Defense Lawyers!

Go on the Offense

Oftentimes when debt collectors communicate with consumers (before or after a law suit is filed against you in Cook County) they violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  We are aware of your rights, and the common ways Debt Collectors violate the law when they file lawsuits in Cook County and can come to your defense.  If debt collectors violate the FDCPA, the law requires the debt collector that breaks the law to pay your FDCPA Attorneys fees!  As an added bonus, our Debt Collection Defense Attorneys are sometimes able to get the underlying debt 100% wiped out as part of the settlement.  Even if our FDCPA attorneys are able to get the debt wiped out, you will still pay your Cook County Debt Defense Lawyer nothing for bringing and FDCPA case against a Debt Collector that sued you in Cook County!

If Debt Collectors break the rules we will make THEM pay YOU!
That’s why Debt Collectors Hate Us!

Cook County Debt Defense Lawyers