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Collection Harassment

Collection Harassment Is Illegal!


The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act makes collection harassment illegal. Unfortunately, many consumers are unaware of their rights against collection harassment.  Although there are frequently stories in the news about America’s problem with its citizens being in debt, not many of the stories discuss its citizens rights against collection harassment nor discuss hiring a Debt Collection Harassment Attorney.

While our citizens struggle to find a way to handle their debt, they are required to cope with their financial instability daily.  Consumer lending has become a way of life for many and have actually contributed to our debt problem. As a result, we are frequently frustrated and worried.  For many of us, calls and harassment from debt collectors have also become a daily occurrence. That is why hiring a Harassment Attorney is important.  Best of all, its almost always Free!


Debt Collection Harassment is Illegal!

Our collection harassment speak with dozens of consumers weekly that express the tension collection harassment has had in their financial lives.  Our attorneys believe that everyone that CAN pay the debt SHOULD pay their debt.  However, when consumers can’t afford to pay, they should be harassed by debt collectors, made to feel less than human, or abused.  If you are getting harassed by debt collectors, its important you hire a Debt Collection Harassment Attorney to fight for your rights.  Debt Collection Harassment is Illegal.

We can help you – Debt Collectors Hate Us!

At Hyslip Legal, LLC, we have worked with thousands of clients.  We understand the repercussions collection harassment causes.  Our firm has helped all kinds of people, listened to their stories and have worked closely with each client to protect their rights against debt collectors and debt collection harassment.  Our goal is to put an end to debt collection abuse.  In a nutshell, we genuinely care about our clients and we make it our mission to provide hope and help to many who feel that there is little in sight.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a Federal Law that regulates how Debt Collectors collect debt and it outlaws debt collection harassment.  Many consumers don’t know that if debt collectors abuse them that they are entitled to up to $1,000.00 in statutory damages. Furthermore, consumers can recover actual damages and debt collectors are always required to pay for their collection harassment attorney’s fees.  This means that hiring a collection harassment attorney is free!  Most of the time, the debt collectors break the law as a cost of doing business, therefore, all it takes is a lawyer getting in contact with them and demanding payment – almost like a speeding ticket.  If you are being harassed by a debt collector, reach out to us today.

Don’t Handle Debt Collectors Alone!

You don’t have to handle your debt collection harassment situation alone!  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act forces the debt collectors to pay our fees in representing you!  That means that our services are free!  If we get you money, the debt collectors are forced to pay you Chicago Debt Collection Harassment Attorney’s fees.  If we can’t get money for you, we don’t get paid a dime.  Therefore, call us – as there will never be any cost to you!

Debt Collectors Hate Us!

If you hire Hyslip Legal, LLC as your collection harassment law firm, we will immediately contact the debt collector and demand that they STOP the harassment. We will not only do everything possible to get the collection harassment to stop but we will also demand the debt collector pays YOU.  Nothing makes our collection harassment law firm more happy then when we send our clients a Check from a debt collector.  Think of the irony there – the company that was harassing YOU could be paying YOU.

Experienced Attorneys – No Fees!

Although it is important that you hire an attorney for your collection harassment situation, it is important that you choose the right attorney.  Some FDCPA attorneys have their best interest in mind and drag a case out longer than arguably necessary in order to collect a higher fee.  While we will fully fight for your rights, and will zealously advocate for you, we will not put our interests above yours.  We do our best to settle as many FDCPA violations before suit.  Although there are the circumstances to litigate an FDCPA case, we find that most consumers would rather not deal with the burdens of drawn out litigation.  As such, although litigation is sometimes a necessity, we always try to get our clients the quickest acceptable settlement possible.  Our clients always have the authority to accept or reject a settlement, however, we have found that the longer their collection harassment attorney drags out a case it usually means the attorney simply takes a larger % of the fee.  Our attorneys put our clients first.  Another reason Debt Collectors Hate Us!

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Debt Collection Harassment