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LDS Clients – Thank You!

To Our Clients:

The “thank you’s” we’ve received from former clients over the past two weeks is humbling and overwhelming at the same time. To our clients, we thank you for putting your trust in us and promise that we we continue to grow we will never loseĀ our client centered focus. As we re-read the Mission Statement that we wrote even before having tangible office space we know in our hearts that we haven’t lost sight for the reason we chose to open our doors. Similarly, as we move into 2014 and beyond we promise to ourselves and just importantly to you that we will never loose sight of the “Why” as we continue to expand the “How”. We’re truly thankful for our clients, our friends and families that supported us during the first year and, of course, our vendors, partners and employees that have allowed us to bring our original Mission Statement to life. We love you!

Happy New Year!


  1. Brant Van Sutphin says:

    You Have The Right To Fight For Yourself!
    Don’t just “think about it” if you are being harassed by an unreasonable number of calls, regardless of whether you dispute the debt itself or not, let me briefly explain why: Enhanced Recovery started calling my home phone over a year ago, and somehow acquired my cell phone number without my permission and started blowing up my cell phone.
    I assumed the calls were in regard to a bill from a medical practice that simply needed to correctly resubmit the bill to be paid to the correct insurance provider and I told them just that. When I downloaded call screening software on my cell phone and picked the “block all known numbers” option was when I realized the same people were indeed calling my home and cell phone numbers 2-3 times 2-3 days and sometimes 4 days a week as the call screening software also blocked local number calls that were simply Caller ID’ed as “Collection Service” on my home phone. Now that I have retained this firm, I had decided today that I had enough and called them back to inform them I retained Council and ask them to quit calling me. Imagine my shock when the representative admitted they were calling about a debt belonging to another individual that has never lived in the home we built 16 years ago and the home phone and number have been under my name for the same period of time. In other words-my point is that I have endured approximately a year and a half of this treatment that is based on the fact that they obviously did not bother to verify that persons’ phone number and address-or the names of the people listed on various easily available records as actually being known to live at this address and phone number!! If you are being harassed by a collection agency, don’t just “think about it” but pick up the phone or send this firm an email as obviously these collection agencies do not bother to check on the accuracy of their information-much less the fact that I can easily verify by the telephone calls connected records that they have definitely called me more than 25 times, and would probably STILL be calling if I had not “blown up” and decided to call them this morning. I am quite certain that I am not the only one that has been treated this way and I encourage you to also stand up for your rights. Personally, now that I know the true facts I hope that Michael “…grinds them in to powder…”.

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