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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The FDCPA is a Federal Law that was passed by Congress to prevent Debt Collectors from stepping over the line while collecting debts.  Choosing a FDCPA attorney shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly.  For example, one of our Managing Members published a Legal Guide advising consumers to beware of unscrupulous FDCPA Attorneys.  You can read that Legal Guide, HERE  Although the FDCPA applies to American’s across the United States, Hyslip Legal, LLC focuses on defending the consumers of Chicago and helping them defend their Chicago Consumer Rights.

The basic premise of the statute is that while Congress understands that we should pay our debts if at all possible, at the same time, Debt Collectors should not treat those that are unable to pay disrespectfully.  The law provides for compensation for you if the debt collectors violated the law.  Therefore, if you think a debt collector might have crossed the line, reach out to us.  We can tell you in under two minutes whether or not we can likely put some cash in your hand.  If you’d prefer to find out if you have a case right now, you can click here and fill out a brief survey and a Chicago Consumer Rights attorney will reach out to you after reviewing your case.

A lot of the clients we speak with in Chicago are embarrassed, ashamed, and sometimes unlikely to stand up for thier consumer rights.  Our Chicago Consumer Rights Attorneys will explain to you why it is important to defend yourself and your fellow Chicago Citizens.  It wasn’t your fault that you were treated the way you were.  We understand that the last thing you expected to be doing right now is visiting a Chicago Consumer Rights Attorney webpage.  Trust us, you are not alone.  Stand up for your rights!

Under the FDCPA you have the right to:

  • Not be called by a debt collector before 8:00am or 9:00pm (local time).
  • Not to be Harassed by a debt collector.
  • Not to be Oppressed by a debt collector.
  • Not to have a debt collector call you at work if you tell them to stop.
  • Not to have a debt collector embarrass you by contacting your friends and family.
  • Not do have a debt collector disclose to any third party that you owe a debt.
  • Not to have a debt collector threaten legal action against you, unless they are an attorney.
  • Not to have a debt collector call you over and over on the same day.
  • Not to have a debt collector fail to disclose who they are on the phone.
  • Not to have a debt collector verbally abuse you.

As a consumer in Chicago

You have many consumer rights that we can help you defend.  Just like an umbrella protects you from the rain, we have tools to protect you from debt collectors.  The Debt Collectors are hoping that you will not stand up for yourself.  Show them they are wrong.  By doing so, you will not only be protecting your Chicago Consumer Rights, but also be protecting the Consumer Rights of other consumers in Chicago. Click here to fill out a Survey to allow us to provide you with a detailed case analysis.  You are also free to visit our main website, HERE for more information.


When we make them pay you, you’ll understand why!