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Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins – Applicable to TCPA?

Spokeo v. Robins - Applicable to the TCPA? Consumer attorneys (and more so Consumer Defense Attorneys) have been making a lot of noise about a recent decision by the US Supreme Court.  In Spokeo v. ...


Jeffrey Hyslip Warns Consumers – Privacy

Jeffrey Hyslip – Most Active Consumer Attorney Nationwide

Jeffrey Hyslip Receive Accolades For two Months in a row, Jeffrey Hyslip, Managing Member of Hyslip legal, LLC, was named the "Most Active" Consumer Attorneys in the Nation for the month of October by ...


Jeffrey Hyslip, Again, Named “Nations Most Active Consumer Attorney”

Jeffrey Hyslip is for the second time in under a year, named the "Most Active Consumer Attorney" in the Country for the Month of September by WebRecon, LLC. Jeffrey Hyslip, who placed third on the na ...


Can Debt Collectors Call your Cell phone?

David Menditto, Esq. to join Hyslip & Taylor

LDS Clients – Thank You!

To Our Clients: The "thank you's" we've received from former clients over the past two weeks is humbling and overwhelming at the same time. To our clients, we thank you for putting your trust in us a ...


Hyslip Legal, LLC stands against Target Co.

Merry Christmas!

Prohibited Act Debt Collection Techniques