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Can Debt Collectors Call at Work?

Can Debt Collectors call at work?

Generally speaking, debt collectors cannot call you at work if they know your employer prohibits personal calls or if you tell them not to contact you at work.  Debt Collectors call at work to collect debts for several reasons.  The first is because if we are employed we spend so much time at the office.  Additionally, most debt collectors work during the times that consumers work, so the window we are at work is convenient for them to call.  However, the main reason debt collectors call at work is actually something you wouldn’t suspect.  Debt Collectors call at work because they want to intimidate you.

Debt Collectors know that if they are contacting you there is a chance that you owe other debt as well.  Further, since you possibly owe more than one debt collector, you are going to have a decision which debt collector you pay first (if you are able to pay at all).  For that reason, among others, debt collectors frequently harass consumers at work to rattle the cage.  Although they shouldn’t be, a lot of people are ashamed that they are in debt.  They are terrified that their co-workers will find out that they have debt collectors calling them.  Debt collectors use this fear to try and force consumers to pay.  By debt collectors calling at work, debt collectors know that it will cross your mind that your co-workers might find out about your debt.

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