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Calls from 765-507-9631? Smell Something Funny? – Don’t Pay them a DIME!

Calls From 765-507-9631? – Harassed by “Carol”?

Debt Collectors That Harass Consumers STINK! 

Today I received a call from a client notifying me about a debt collector calling her from 765-507-9631.  The “debt collector” claims to be “Carol Thompson” from Thompson and Thompson but is in fact a scammer.  She claims to be from the “legal division” (of what, she doesn’t even know) and uses threats such as arrest and calling the police and even has the audacity to call individual’s employers to make them think their employees are criminals.  What a bottom feeder!

765-507-9631 SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS – 765-507-9631

Do not pay anyone calling from 765-507-9631 a dime!  If you are getting calls from “Carol Thompson” from Thompson and Thompson, Hang Up!  They likely got your information from buying online payday loan application information from various lead generation companies (an assumption I am making).  I called 765-507-9631 and Carol Thompson was like every other scammer I have spoken to.  Rude, threatening, and trying to explain that she wasn’t a debt collector under the FDCPA.  If you want to have some fun, give Carol Thompson a call at 765-507-9631 and tell her that you have been made aware of her SCAM OPERATION.

I don’t know what allows Debt Collectors like Carol Thompson at 765-507-9631 to be able to sleep at night.  I can picture her kind sitting in their family room wearing worn out gravy stained pajamas thinking they are “better than” others since they can hide behind a phone line and abuse.  Your actions will be brought to light, “Carol”.

Consumers – if you are getting contacted by Thompson and Thompson, Carol Thompson or getting calls from 765-507-9631 I encourage you to take action, now.  Contact the FBI (HERE) , Contact the FTC (HERE), Contact the Indiana Attorney General (HERE) and your state Attorney General.  It won’t be long before “Carol Thompson” gets what she deserves.  If you would like some help with calls from 765-507-9631 contact me and I will help you AT NO CHARGE.

For more information about SCAM Debt collectors, read this Warning from the FTC.

Good Luck!  Debt Collectors Hate Us!

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