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Bill Collector Harassment

Don’t Handle Bill Collector Harassment Alone!

Bill Collectors’ job is to do one thing; Get Paid!  Bill Collectors are hired by the company you owe money two and often use intimidation, fear and panic to get paid.  When their methods turn to bill collection harassment, we can Help!.

You Have Rights! – Get Cash & Protection!

Since bill collectors’ sole job is to recover money from you, they will use almost any tactic imaginable to recover money including bill collector Harassment.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, bill collectors have to treat you fairly, bill collectors cannot call you over and over, bill collectors cannot disclose your debt to others and bill collectors cannot threaten legal action against you if they are not lawyers.

If they do, that’s Bill Collector Harassment!

Luckily, you have rights against bill collector harassment.  Congress passed a law that forces bill collectors to pay you for their harassment.  If bill collectors step over the line (they often do) you are entitled to up to $1,000 in statutory damages and unlimited $ in actual damages.  The best part is that if you have been subjected to bill collector harassment, the bill collector is required to pay YOUR ATTORNEYS FEES!  So, our services are FREE TO YOU!

Possible Examples of Bill Collector Harassment

~Bill Collectors your friends and family members

~Bill Collectors calling you at work

~Bill Collectors calling you on your cellular phone

~Bill Collectors threatening to sue you

~Bill Collectors raising their voice with you

If you have experienced Bill Collector Harassment, Get Help Now!  Contact us for a Free Case Review!


  1. I also wanted to see if this needed to be validated through mail legally? I got contacted by a debt collector and they never sent me anything in writing within four days (which it says per FDCPA laws) and they are just asking for money. Can the actual original creditor (which is a Citi bank credit card) be contacted instead? Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jeffrey Hyslip says:

      It is unlikely that Citi will deal with you now that the account has gone into collections. When a creditor hires a debt collector it is usually a term in the collection contract that the original creditor will not accept any payment from the consumer. This is because the debt collector gets paid on a commission basis and if the creditor took money directly from the consumer the debt collector wouldn’t make any money for its work. However, if the collection agency that is contacting you violates the FDCPA, make sure you let us know. In that case the only person paying anyone is the debt collector paying you for breaking the law!

  2. Eilene says:

    I received a call from DNC collectors, stating that they have a judgement against me, however, I have not had any debt of any kind for over 7 years. and California where I live has a statuet of 2 years on most credit accounts, how can I find out what these people’s intentions are without giving anymore of my personal information to them?

  3. John Harrington says:

    would this include them calling routenely every day about every 2-3 hours requesting to hold and asking for my name

    • Jeffrey Hyslip says:

      Yes. Depending on the facts, I would certainly consider this be be harassing. Feel free to give us a call to see if we can recover some money for you!

  4. Debra Mcdaniel says:

    There are debt collectors calling my house every hour or two, I tell them that they have the wrong number that my son does not live with me anymore and they continue to call. One of them told my husband F- you. I am soooooooooo sick and tired of them calling, is there anything that I can do about this?

    • Jeffrey Hyslip says:

      Without a doubt!! The fair debt collection practices act prohibits debt collectors from contacting third parties, in most instances, to collect a debt. The fact that you have told them that they are dialing the wrong number would put them on notice that you are not the “debtor”. I will have one of my Partners, Attorney Michael Bane, reach out to you via e-mail on Monday to get more information. If we can’t get you cash for being harassed (for free) we can certainly give you a few tips on how to get the agency to leave you alone once and for all!

  5. Tiffany Natoli says:

    I have been contacted by the same 3rd party agency in regards to a debt within hours of each other just today. The manager is avoiding my calls it is a clear violation of FDCPA as I have worked and managed a collections department. I do not feel it necessary to harass in the collection or attempt to collect a debt.

    • Jeffrey Hyslip says:

      Hello Tiffany,

      I am sorry to hear that a third party debt collector is harassing you. We trust your assessment that they’ve violated the FDCPA since you are an experienced collection professional. I will have one of my associates reach out to you via email so that we can move forward, if you are interested, in enforcing your rights.

      -Jeffrey Hyslip

  6. […] if they can’t collect for the client, they will not be paid for their solutions. Clicking quality harassing bill collectors perhaps provides cautions you could tell your father. A lengthy list of organizations that need to […]

  7. kolin stutcher says:

    I get calls from an unknown number. The person says I need to be home , since they are attempting to serve me with a court order. The address they gave me is wrong, never lived there. They said they are coming out with the marshalls. Now they say they are coming back one more time. If I am not there, wrong addrerss, I now owe 150.00 in marshalls fees, and they are going to issue a warrant for my arrest. It is clear someone used my identity. The recovery agent calls from an unknown number, they apparently go to an address I never lived at, I owe them 150.00 and I will have a warrant. How is this possible. They call when I am unavailable and leave messages on my voicemail. No other information is available. What can I do?

  8. elda says:

    so just a few minutes ago I received a call from a debt collector collections inc and they state i owe 535.00 and they will not accept what i can offer to pay. i am homeless living at a friends mother house i do have income , mine and my husbands but with all our bills we barely can make it. we cant afford to pay rent or even afford a house and they are unwilling to accept what i can offer their limit for a pmt arrangement is 53.00 and i am already paying every month 25.00 to 6 bill collectors and that is rough for me at the moment . what should i do? this lady i spoke with was trying to intimidate me by asking me whether i was married and had two incomes and askign me for my employers information because they would take it to court what do i do?

  9. i have a friend and i think it will help her, she is having trouble. this might be very helpful to her.

  10. Karyn says:

    I Have a loan with a loan company here in my town, I lost my job and now they are knocking on my door, I told them I don’t get or have anything and they want me to call them every Friday if not they knock on my door at home , is this legal

  11. seng vu says:

    I have a debt collector that keeps calling me at work 2-3 times a day . I was on vacation and they just kept calling. when I went back to work they called twice that day and told me that I am interfering with their business. I told them that I will pay them when I get a chance and they just kept asking me what has changed that I can’t pay them. I told them that I have personal problems at home and they demanded to know what they were. I told them that I have the right to not tell them my personal problems and they just kept asking me when I was going to pay them. I got upset and hung up on them. it is embarrassing here at work because now everyone keeps asking me what did they want and that they called me 2-3 times per day. what should I do?

  12. Gary R. Armijo says:

    Need a representative to contact me I do believe I have been harassed,

  13. jerry jennings says:

    bill collector calling my number 4-6 times day and night. I have the wrong number but they keep calling. the call is not for me or anyone I know. This has gone on for a long time.

  14. nathan says:

    I have a car loan and if I don’t have my payment in that day. They will text call asking for their payment. I have gone 5 days past the payment date now they are calling texting threatening to come and repossesse car. Are they allowed to text and call threatening to take my vehicle.

  15. Michael adams says:

    Rental center keeps calling my job. Coming over my mother in law looking for me. All this over 120 dollar that I owe for a computer that I don’t have because I was evicted from the house I was staying in. I tell them that I will pay them. Do you I need record them when to prove they are harassing me. I already told them to quot calling my job.

  16. Paul Douglas says:

    I have an auto loan that’s behind on payments. The servicing company calls my work and cell phone every day, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. They also call my references I listed on the credit app. I tell them that I will get the money as soon as I can but they call right back. Recently they have left voice mail practically yelling in the phone saying that by returning their calls they take that as I wish to not do business with them anymore. Do I have any options?

  17. Cliff Stallings says:

    My wife and I filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy In February 0f 2015 and It was discharged in May of 2015. A creditor that was listed in our case called demanding payment after the discharge of our case, my wife informed them of our case number and our attorneys name and phone number and the creditor said ok and hung up. That was several months ago. Yesterday the 23rd of December 2015 the same creditor called (and left a recording, which we still have) stating they were going to get a judgement against her unless the debt is paid. They have never sent any type of correspondence what so ever. What, if anything can we do to quit being harassed by them because filing for Bankruptcy wasn’t good enough for them. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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