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I am hopeful that you found my answer on AVVO.com helpful.  The FDCPA is a Federal Law that protects consumers against third party debt collectors.  If you believe that Debt Collectors have stepped over the line, you can use my law firm to fight back.  If they have violated the FDCPA, you can recover up to $1,000 in Statutory Damages plus unlimited actual damages.  The best part is that THE DEBT COLLECTORS ARE FORCED to pay our attorney fees, NOT YOU!

If you would like a free review of your case, click on the blue badge, below.  Our attorneys will get in touch with you, usually within an hour.  Debt Collectors Hate Us!  They will hate us even more if we can make them pay you for what they’ve done!  Submit your information and be on the lookout for our call from a 312 Area Code!

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